Honey Bee Transport

Air Canada Plays Big Role In Honeybee Transport.

By lending their metal wings, Air Canada and Air Canada Cargo are instrumental in transporting honeybees into Canada, flying the little insects in from warmer climates such as California or Hawaii in the spring.

Unlike regular cargo, living queen bee shipments need to be kept at specific temperatures during their travel. Commercial passenger flights are ideal to transport bees because cargo holds are kept warm enough for the journey.

“When bees arrive, we move them from the aircraft into our holding facility where we handle live animals. The facility is kept at room temperature and bees are stored in an area with proper air circulation,” explained Godymar Billedo, Customer Service Manager at Air Canada Cargo.

“The packaging is thoroughly inspected to ensure everything meets our safety requirements. About 45 minutes before they are scheduled to depart, a designated loader brings them to the plane to load them into the aircraft’s cargo hold with extra care and priority.”

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