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Escorted Trips

Mixed groups as well as Ladies Only group travel. Life was meant for good friends and great adventures! Join us on our escorted trips and experience the journey we will take you on! We pride ourselves in wandering off the beaten path, with unique dining experiences, activities with significance for a more meaningful memory – we design the trips with fun in mind.

Special Trips

After two long years of COVID and quarantine, the time has come to explore the world once again. Step into the world of beautiful scenery, seashores and attractions.

Travel News

Ensemble Vacations Fall 2022

The Fish are Jumping!! Port Alberni in September Salmon are making their way from the ocean through the inlet into the rivers and streams of Northern Vancouver Island. The Somass River is bursting wit

Forget Quarantine Hotels. Thailand Has Quarantine Yachts!!! Pity the poor arriving travellers in Canada, quarantining in overpriced, anonymous airport hotels where their only view is the dingy greys o

Air Canada Plays Big Role In Honeybee Transport. By lending their metal wings, Air Canada and Air Canada Cargo are instrumental in transporting honeybees into Canada, flying the little insects in from

The roaring waves of the Atlantic rage against the rugged shoreline of Scotland and the lush green mountains stand guard in the highlands to protect the glistening lochs and legends of the mystic moor

Ahhhh…….. the feeling of hot, sun drenched air hitting your face as you disembark on the tarmac in beautiful Barbados!! If you are not from a cold country,as I am, then you will not understand this fe

Macau, on the South China Sea, was once the center of the Portuguese colonial trade routes. Now it is the gambling capital of the world with a unique cuisine that is a complex amalgam of ingredients a

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